Safe. Painless. Permanent.
Smooth skin is guaranteed.


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Pain-Free Laser features the FDA-approved, patented Soprano XL, the most current technology on the market. Using fragmented laser energy, the Soprano XL gradually warms targeted areas, rather than using painful direct pulses. It eliminates unwanted hair comfortably, without irritation or redness, on all skin types. Appointments take as little as 15 minutes for a small area, or an hour plus for large areas.

Pain-Free Laser was opened in 2011 by Marietta Klosterman. After a decade of laser, and over 20,000 hours, she has mastered the art of laser hair removal. She provides individualized, personal care in a relaxing setting.  With the Soprano XL, you're guaranteed effective, permanent treatment from a highly-experienced laser technician, without the pain.


Packages can be divided into three payments over the first three sessions.
Body is treated every 8 weeks, face and neck every 4 weeks.  

Call Marietta at 503.548.3921 to schedule your appointment — phone and office consultations are always free.
Just need a single session? Call for pricing.

8-session package

Brazilian  $1295 (or 3 payments of $431)

Bikini   $625 (or 3 payments of $208)

Underarms  $475 (or 3 payments of $158)

Lip & chin $475 (or 3 payments of $158)

Whole face & neck $725 (or 3 payments of $242)

Upper & Lower Legs Please call for pricing

Lower arms $475 (or 3 payments of $158)

Hands, feet, navel/happy trail or areolas   $275 ( or 3 payments of $91)

Chest $825 ( or 3 payments of $275)

Abs $525 (or 3 payments of $175)

Back $1300 (or 3 payments of $433)